The origins appear to be very ancient, dating back to the Magna Graecia. In fact, there have been numerous discoveries in the surrounding countryside of coins and amphorae of Hellenistic matrix. News reported in the ancient chronicles report that three of the sisters of King Priam ( Etilla , Astioche and Medesicaste ) escaped the ruins of Troy , landed near the modern town of Uriah , located downstream from Soveria Simeri, and they built three tents ( Treis schene ) .
From these distant origins began the history of Trischene, the current Soveria Simeri, a small town between Crotone and Squillace and close to the river which the Greeks called “Semirus” Simeri today. Initially, Soveria Simeri was under the influence of the Pythagoras, and then passed under the protectorate of Rome to escape the continuing threats brought by Bruzii (ancient Italic people who settled in Calabria in the fourth century BC) and the Carthaginians. At the fall of the Western Roman Empire, the Arab invasions and Saracen pushed the inhabitants to take refuge in the hinterland. Also affected was Trischene, which was destroyed in the tenth century. In the middle Ages, the area enjoyed a certain importance, and as the story goes, Simeri, the original nucleus, was the seat of a duchy. There are, in fact, in neighboring sites, ruins of the castles and cathedrals.