The lands that lovingly welcome our vineyards and winery fall within the municipality of Soveria Simeri. A small rural community located 1,148 feet above sea level. It includes a little more than 1,700 inhabitants, united by a strong love of the land.
The village, located in the center of the Gulf of Squillace, is 10 miles from Catanzaro, 7.2 miles from the Ionian coast and 12 miles from the Sila Mountains. This central location embodies the true essence of Calabria, with the ability to observe both the beautiful coastline and the unspoiled mountain landscapes from one vista.
The economy is predominantly agricultural, given the great generosity of these lands; also the craftsmanship plays a leading role in the economy of the country, with its wrought iron and blown glass factories products that are exported abroad.
The country offers various attractions such as theater performances, cultural festivals and fairs to promote the typical production and culinary traditions of Calabria.