Our vineyards are spread over an area of ​​approximately 36.2 acres located at an elevation of approximately 656 feet sea level. The majority of the vineyards are dedicated to native vines (the basis for all our labels) as Gaglioppo and Nerello Calabrese for the Reds, Montonico and Pecorello for Whites. We have also planted to a lesser extent, national and international prestigious varieties. As a quality wine begins in the vineyard, we ensure that our vineyards are carefully designed so as to guarantee respect for each varietal and their different grapes photo-climatic and soil requirements. This style of viniculture ensures a high quality and low number of grape clusters per vine. The nature of the soil, mostly clay-limestone, results in full bodied, balanced wines that produce a bouquet of fruity scents distinctly tending to spices.  We harvest according to ancient traditions and harvesting is done strictly by hand, but only after careful evaluation of the maturation of the grapes.